Release Me

a WordPress ‘Daily Prompt’ post

I’m an extremely outspoken woman and have no trouble writing or talking about subjects that most people would consider taboo.  In fact, I actually get a kick sometimes out of shocking people.  I think there’s an abnormal psychology name for that – but I really don’t care.  That’s just part of the exciting, out-of-the-box person I am.

So, it stands to reason that anything I would blog about that would give me pause, or make me nervous to publish – shouldn’t be published!  Those things should remain where they are living right now – in the subterranean bowels of my unconscious mind where I’ve locked them away.  There would be no personal catharsis by unlocking those demons and letting them run amuck on the printed page – infecting other… more normal minds.

My verbal censor died a long time ago, so I tell it like I see it and don’t care what anyone thinks.  On the other hand, I also champion the right of other people to speak their minds, and to be as different and think as differently as they choose.  That’s what makes  living in this world so exciting – the wicked range and variety of people’s mindsets and their views of ‘reality’.

Zirkus des Lebens


One response to “Release Me

  1. I don’t mind people commenting so that others can track that comment back to your blog, but I do ask is that you at least Make A Comment on my post. Don’t just leave your calling card or I will delete the comment. I’m not strictly an advertisement vehicle.
    Thank You.

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