Circular Is The New Party

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Democrats, Republicans, Independents – blah blah blah!  The whole concept of voting in a particular Party that will have your best interests in mind is false.  I mean look at the recent shutdown of the government.  Was that in the average voter’s best interest?  No!

No matter how you try to disguise the fact, a minority of super rich people in America run the government.  The people who we vote for and put into office aren’t really running anything at all.  They are puppets.  Figureheads that just do the bidding of the ruling class – the super rich people.

So, since it doesn’t really matter in the long run of things, which Party we vote into power for four years, why don’t we do something that will make everyone happy.  Create a new Party – a Circular Party.

How the Circular Party would work is simple.  Because people are so attached to whatever Party they believe works in their best interest, and they are generally resistant to change, we would keep the election process we have now.  Then, we would take the winners  of each one of those elections and put them into one combined Party – the Circular Party.

The groups in the Circular Party would rotate years of acting as figureheads for the Rich people.  Republicans play their part for a year, and then the Democrats, and then the Independents etc.  We can even include the Socialists – make everyone happy!  It won’t matter because like I said, the rich are controlling the outcomes.  But this way, everyone will have their year of political happiness.

The political symbol for the Circular Party should be a snake swallowing the tail of the snake in front of him.  Don’t you think that’s pretty much how the whole political thing works?  Eat or be eaten?


Zirkus des Lebens


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